A Mouse…About The House

circus mouse 1

What is that I see, running across the floor

I can’t shut him out, he doesn’t use the door

A gap in the skirting board, that’s how he gets in

Because, he’s very tiny & also very thin

He’s only looking for food, here, within my room

Watching him scurry, is funny, it helps lift the gloom

He’s way too small or timid, to cause any fright

Whenever he see’s me move, he disappears from sight

Hiding in the corner, of the room, behind the bed

I hope, when I’m asleep, he doesn’t climb on my head

Or try to come & join me, cuddled up, under the duvet

He doesn’t disturb me at night, I only see him in the day

Maybe, I’ll have to set a trap, of the humane kind

He walks in, to get the food, the door will close behind

I can set him free, in the garden, outside the back door

Then I won’t see him run around, in my room, anymore

Or, maybe, I could keep him, in a cage, as a pet

He could, share the food, that my pet rats get

 I could also train him, to do tricks & raise a smile

Just like the circus mouse, in the film, “The Green Mile”

My Sacred Place – The story continues…

Copyright © William Gregory 2014


Will I?…..I Will!!


They say, that ignorance is bliss

What they don’t say is, being ignored

That’s, hurtful, disrespectful & unkind

When all you show, in return, are just

Admiration, concern, respect & love

Their ignorance & arrogance is unjust

Have I ever hurt them, not that I’m aware

They choose to ignore me, they never share

Their thoughts or feelings, about what I say

So, I say, know more, no longer, will I, care

Ignore me all you like, I don’t care

Show a lack of respect, I don’t care

Take no interest, in me, I don’t care

I’ll no longer, care about you

Neither, will I, show any interest in

Who you are or what you may do

Live your life, the way you choose

If you find that, ignorance is bliss

My love, respect & blessings, you’ll lose

I don’t need you, you’re gone

You, I will no longer miss

Copyright © William Gregory 2014


If You Love Someone


Lyrics & Music – William Gregory

Copyright © William Gregory 2014

All Rights Reserved


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He Leads Us On


Down unto this earth, he came

This world would never be the same

To do the work of God, to preach his word

His parables & stories, until then unheard


 As does a shepherd, his flock gathered so

Teaching those who love God, letting them know

That through him, our spirits will rise up high

Feeling the love of God, looking down from the sky


 The believers, the followers, the disciples, all

He wouldn’t allow anyone to fail or to fall

The fight against, oppression, fear & doubt

The flock, now his army, to stand up & shout


 Helping all those that are in need

Curing of illness, with his love he did feed

Freeing all those, of their sin, that they bare

His wisdom & knowledge, for all, to share


 But, the oppressors, persecutors, men of means

Were scared of his powers, his gifts, it seems

So, they judged & punished him, hung him up high

Not realising, that his love & his spirit, would never die

Copyright © William Gregory 2014


The Real Me

true beauty

This is me, the one you see, but, not all of me

It’s only, the outside of me, that you can see

My inside remains hidden, it’s still a part of me

If you don’t know me, you won’t know the real me

So, I’ll share pictures of me, they are real, they are me

But, not the inside, the part of me, that you can’t see

So, then, I’ll share as a status, my thoughts & insight

Then, you’ll know, what’s inside, what I’m really like

Maybe, you won’t like me, my looks or it seems I’m vain

Seeking, lot’s of attention, admiration or love, that I gain

Those, who know, will know, they’ll know what I’m like

Those, who don’t know or want to know, can take a hike

Pass on by, leave me be, don’t criticise or hurt me

If you can’t get past my image, take time, to see the real me


Copyright © William Gregory 2013


The Unseen

Poem about the Homeless & Homelessness

Words/Vocals/Guitar – Greg

Copyright © William Gregory 2013

All Rights Reserved


The Language Of Love

Language Of Love

Is it  just thinking, or is it a feeling?

Is it just wanting, or is it needing?

Can it be touching, maybe it’s tempting?

Can it be consuming, is it just assuming?

Sometimes it’s broken, or given as a token

Sometimes it’s forever, or maybe, never

If it were lost, can it then, be found?

If it is allowed, does it make a sound?

Can you live without, can it make you lonely?

Can you shout it out, for a one & only?

Does it remain hidden, can it be forbidden?

Does it really care, can it be unfair?

Was it very intense, does it make no sense?

Was it ever real, can it make you kneel?

It can be listening, it could be glistening

It can be knowing, it could be growing

Saying that it’s true, wishing it was you

Saying that you mean it, unable to see it

Can you ever send it, can you share it?

Can you ever mend it, can you bare it?

Will it make you cry, when you say goodbye?

Will it make you stay, or still go away?

Is it the heart, that can feel it?

Is it deceit & lies, that can kill it?

Does it ever forget, or give with regret?

Does it ever fear, or is it ever near?

Was it meant to be, between you & me?

Was it meant for you, was it really true?

Sometimes it’s a dream, or maybe a prayer

Sometimes it may seem, nobody can hear

Words of Love you see, they’re always free

 Words of Love can heal, you can always feel


Copyright © William Gregory 2013


The Sun & The Moon


The Sun, that shares it’s Love

The Moon, that shares it’s Light

Of all the stars above

They’re, the brightest ones insight

The Sun’s, gracious presence in the day

The Moon, guides us all by night

They both, show us the way

How we all can shine so bright

The spirit, we have within

Needs lots of Care & Love

From when our lives begin

So, it can share its Love

But, sometimes it’s not seen

By the hurt & pain inflicted

By the life that’s past & been

Its happiness was restricted

To find a Love that’s True

Would make it feel so high

When you find the one for you

With a Love to light up the sky


Copyright © William Gregory 2013


Life Is A Long Road


Watching you leave, is so hard to do, you are a friend to me & me to you
 Flowers, cannot replace who you are, they’re a tribute, to your life, so far
The ones that I see, are so very few, compared to the life, I know of you
A garden is needed, to tell how I feel, of your life, here is the deal
The soil that’s used, to plant & sow, just like the hands, of you, that I know
Keeping the plants stable & strong, giving support, when others do wrong
Allowing the roots to grow & expand, then on their own, they can stand
Their stems can now rise up high, reaching up to the sun in the sky
Just like thorns, on the stems of a rose, the protection you give, as it grows
Stopping others, who try to do harm, not really seeing, their beauty & charm
The rose buds, need more time to bloom, others destroy them, far too soon
Pruning away, cut down in their prime, they should be given more time
Just like the path, leading the way, then through the garden, no one will stray
From the course, for them that’s been laid, that is why, I wish you’d stayed
To guide me further, along life’s road, & the troubles, that will unfold
I know you can’t guide me, all the way, in my heart, you’ll always stay
Your own road, I know, continues on, without you, I will have to be strong
Your road, I know, will never end, the distant clouds, the message they send
Come & join us, up on high, then pour out your love, from the sky
Just like rain, on the flowers below, so the one’s left behind, still can grow

Inspired by the attached painting

(c)G.Abbey aka Nightowl  http://www.thrulenseyes.com 2011

All Rights Reserved, Use by permission only.

Copyright © William Gregory 2011


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